CoE & Plugfest

Centers of Expertise:

The Centers of Expertise (CoE) is an IES Standards initiative for Interoperability and Compliance testing and Educational Services for industry and academia. Centers of Expertise are established by IES member institutions actively developing IEEE standards under IES sponsorships.
CoEs are established globally by IES member institutions, actively developing IEEE standards under IES sponsorships, to provide regional CoE support to industry and IES members world-wide. Regional centers will be in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.
First CoE was established in Portugal followed by CoEs in Japan, China, North America and South America. Other regions are being planned.

INTEROP Plugfest events:

The Standards group sponsors and organizes INTEROP Plugfest at IES conferences to focus on active standards development and related topics. This hands-on event allows the active standards community to share results and active operations in a face-to-face working environment and discussions. Related activities will be informal talks and standards working group events.
This event occurs yearly at the IES flagship conference, IECON. It may be extended in a smaller event at other major IES conferences such as ISIE.
Impressions from past INTEROP Plugest Events:
  • INTEROP Plugfest 2019 @ IECON 2019, Lisbon, Portugal
  • INTEROP Plugfest 2018 @ IECON 2018, Washington, DC, USA
The INTEROP Plugfest at IECON 2020, ISIE 2021 and IECON 2021 were held virtually due to COVID19 Pandemic.